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Investment Process

  • To display excellence in all its operations;
  • To maintain investment objectivity and discipline throughout the investment process;
  • To make a well-informed investment decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data and analysis;
  • To maximize shareholder's profit while minimizing downside risk.
  • Use all its available resources to do its utmost best in dealing with all operating and investment matters;
  • Respect the opinion and input from all colleagues and professional parties when discussing and deciding on an investment project;
  • Spend effective amount of resources on proper due diligence and verification of data and reality-checking;
  • Properly and comprehensively review and report the investment opportunity through a developed investment process;
  • Comply with the 4-step investment decision process, which screens the investment through several deal team rounds, expert review panel, investment committee and board of directors; and
  • Always view an investment opportunity against the objectives of the company of profit maximization for its shareholders while minimizing downside risk.

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